What do our DPTs do after hours?

We brought Dr. Jake Wendland (our DPT at the Fergus location) down to Alex the other night to catch up and have some Wings. I had no intention (nor did he) of filming anything, but midway through the “assessment/treatment” I realized I should give an insider look at what we do!

Brief background: Jake said he sprained his ankle 6 months back and has done as much as he could do on his own, but still has had some nagging foot pain. Mid foot/lateral foot especially. He asked Pat to check out his Cuboid after we ate. (Good patient, huh?)

What’s a Cuboid? ¬†And what can go wrong with it during/after an inversion ankle sprain?

Image result for cuboid bone ankle sprain

Above you can see how the cuboid bone in the foot can undergo some trauma and even be slightly out of place or subluxated when someone “rolls” their ankle. One of the easiest, quickest fixes is a “Cuboid whip” where the Doctor of Physical Therapy will do a thrust manipulation to restore normal mechanics at the foot and ankle. Obviously there’s more treatment available for ankle sprains, but this is commonly missed and thus not effectively treated.

Here’s Dr. Pat Bollinger (DPT at our Alex location) performing the thrust manipulation (“Cuboid whip”) live on Dr. Jake. I caught this at the perfect time because if you listen close, Jake is talking to Pat about how treatment feels, and how he has been dealing with this (and self treating) on his own for the past 6 months. PTs can be a bit too¬†independent at times! I texted Jake the next morning asking if it was still better (to be as accurate and honest as possible) and he responded “Yes actually. I haven’t noticed it at all this AM.”