Running enhances both body and mind. While hard, it should be life-giving again instead of painful a grind. Whether novice or expert, Dr. John wants to bring you the best treatments to enhance your running experience.

Why see a PT for running enhancement? Runners are often plagued by repetitive injuries that come on slowly and go away slowly. Once one is gone, another tends to resurface. While this is not a cause for alarm or quitting, there are fundamental ways to ensure running becomes pain free again, and risk for re-injury is quieted significantly.

This program will be adapted to each runner, but with the same basic pillars -

  • Functional assessment to establish a baseline for each athlete
  • Recognize current (relevant) problems and impairments with movement/form
  • Identify weaknesses and areas that have been under-trained or under-developed (blind spots that have not been getting the needed TLC.)
  • Prescribe relevant specific movements and exercises, along with relevant running/cadence drills on a case by case basis.

3, 1 hour sessions. $300