Physical Therapy

Movement is life

The human body is made to move. It craves it. It’s built to function around movement, providing our bodies with the innate capacity to strengthen, to heal, to age gracefully, and to thrive at its peak.

To move is to experience life. Our ability to work, to play with our kids, to compete at our best, to explore the world around us . . . movement is at the center of it all.

We have a problem

At some point though, this pattern gets broken. Injuries and accidents happen. Aging happens. DYSFUNCTIONAL movement happens – no one escapes this.  Dysfunction can mean a lot of things – stiffness, tightness, weakness, soreness, pain, etc. There’s usually a combination of all of that! We need a re-set button! Our bodies need to get back to doing what they do best – moving, and moving BETTER.

We have the best solution – Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy restores dysfunction. We restore healthy movement and optimal function to the human body. In our language, we “mobilize” and “manipulate” joints and soft tissues. We use “neuromuscular re-education” and “therapeutic exercise” to restore healthy mobility and muscle function. We are prone to say “WE” a lot because the truth is – we do this as a team. Some of the work is ours, some of the work is yours. So how do we do it? What makes PT at Northwest Rehab special?


Is all Physical Therapy the same? Absolutely not. We believe that when you choose Physical Therapy, you’re not merely choosing a profession or service, you’re choosing a Professional – a PERSON you trust. We want to take the guesswork out of choosing a quality PT, so we employ Doctors of Physical Therapy with post graduate specialization in Manual Therapy. We don’t employ PT assistants, so you know every visit will be one on one with your Physical Therapist.

The Manual Therapy Certification (MTC) our Therapists get is through the University of St. Augustine in Florida; it entails over 200  hours of continuing professional education, typically taking 3-4 years to get. This Manual Therapy specialization provides a tremendous amount of skill in restoring normal joint and soft tissue mobility.

At our best . . .  again

Movement works. PT works. We are truly healthier when we function better. But PT is about even more than personal health. It’s about transforming lives, empowering communities and, yes, changing the world.