Physical Therapy

Experts at Treating the Human Body


Human Body - the Design

Our bodies are meant to move freely, without restriction or pain. We are born with the innate ability to walk, squat, run, jump, swim, and PLAY! Our joints and muscles are designed to ENABLE life experience, not hinder it.

Human Body - the Problem

At some point though, we come to find that something doesn't work like it used to. Different parts of our body get stiff, weak, and sore. Maybe lifting hurts. Maybe walking or running hurts. Maybe even sleeping hurts!  Pain keeps this cycle of stiffness and weakness going. We need a re-set button! Our bodies need to get back to doing what they do best - moving!

Human Body - the Fix

Physical Therapists are the only profession that is solely dedicated to maintaining and restoring function. We analyze movement and ask the questions - WHY does running hurt your knee? WHY does sitting hurt your back? WHY does throwing hurt your shoulder? We analyze patterns of movement, looking for areas of weakness or stiffness, bad movement habits, or lack of neuromuscular control and endurance. We figure stuff out! And once we figure it out, we make a plan on how to FIX your body as best we can.

Physical Therapy - Northwest's Specialization

The fix happens primarily 2 ways. First, we perform techniques that make your body function and feel better. Usually that means soft tissue work (think massage/myofascial work) and joint manipulation (think popping joints or pushing on joints to restore proper movement.) This manual therapy is unique to Northwest. Our PTs receive their Manual Therapy Certification (MTC) through one of the best programs in the Nation - the University of St. Augustine in Florida!


Second, and definitely most importantly - we teach individualized corrective exercises that you do in the clinic and at home or work or sport. If we release a trigger point, research shows it WILL come back if bad habits aren't changed. If you rely on someone to else fix you, you'll soon realize it doesn't last. If we work as a team to improve your body, you'll be maximally healthy and happy.

Human Body - the Happy Life

Our passion is to get you back to being your best. We want to help give you your best function back. After all the work we do with you and for you (as a team,) the ultimate aim is to make you feel mobile, healthy, strong, and empowered.


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