Health Enhancement Programs

You get one body, one life, one chance to be healthy and live well. Choose one of Dr. John's enhancement programs and come see how much better life can be!


With an enhancement program, you choose which program best fits your current goals. Simply browse the plan features and see what fits your body best. If you are unsure of which program to choose, or would like to create a custom plan, please call our office at 320-763-5505 and Dr. John will listen to your goals and create a plan for you!


Treatment philosophy and technique:

Dr. John specializes in manual therapy and wants to give you a unique experience that is different than what other PTs and Chiropractors offer.

Dr. John has been to 8 post-grad manual therapy courses through the highest regarded manual therapy University in the Nation- the University of St. Augustine (USA) in Florida. The USA teaches an eclectic approach that leans heavily on Osteopathic history and techniques.


"I want to provide an experience that is unique, personalized, and evidence based. The big idea behind my treatments is movement restoration and optimization. If there are impaired movements or sub optimal neuro-muscular control, there will be increased risk of pain and degeneration. It may take decades for this risk to be realized, and the goal with these programs is to move better now, to prevent degeneration later. My treatments therefore include a variety of manual techniques to improve movement and function, followed by dynamic and active movements/exercises to re-set, retrain, or reinforce optimal movement and mechanics."


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