Best Neck Exercise Ever


Let me explain. . .

You’re looking at a phone, tablet or computer if you’re viewing this, right? And no matter if you’re sitting, standing, or laying down, you’re LOOKING down. Your head is tipped forward slightly, out in front of your body. It’s ok, you’re normal. On average, people spend 11 hours a day looking at a screen! You know the drill, look around at all the people on their phones! (After you do that, you go back to checking your own.) Ok, maybe you’re not into technology that much, BUT you still sit and drive a car, sit at your job, sit and eat food, and sit and watch TV/read a book, etc. So what?

You can feel a lecture coming, can’t you?! Before we get there though, I get it. Slumping is normal. It’s easy. Gravity is an annoying thing to resist all day. So let’s be real – stop trying. You won’t sit up straight all day, and you shouldn’t. Instead, what I propose is that you get good at correcting your forward head posture intermittently throughout the day. That’s what this video is for.

Dr. Pat Bollinger, PT, DPT, MTC is showing you a VERY effective way to keep your posture in check throughout the day. OR, if you have neck pain, maybe headachy (that’s a thing,) maybe pain/aching in the shoulders/shoulder blades, it truly is a great way to treat that as well. Even symptoms of numbness tingling in the arm can benefit from this. Generally, we like to say 6-10 reps every hour or two throughout the day. Hold for a few seconds each time. It shouldn’t hurt. It shouldn’t make you worse. If it does, you’re probably holding your breath and trying too hard. Relax. You’re not going to fix something overnight.

Our posture fixes need to be dosed throughout the day. If you want your blood pressure to go down, you don’t take the whole bottle one time and call it good. You dose it in small (prescribed) amounts throughout the week and stay consistent.  Eventually you see a change and you feel better. That’s how this is meant to work. Your nervous system will start to re-set. Your muscles will start to fire better in some areas and relax better in other areas (we could call that neuromuscular reeducation.) You will start to feel more flexible, a bit more stable/strong, and hopefully have less pain/discomfort.

Lastly, our aim is to educate and empower more people to feel better and move better. So please, if you have questions, we’re here to help. Drop us an email, comment on facebook, give us a call, whatever you feel comfortable with. Don’t let your treatable headaches or neck and shoulder pain persist longer than they need to. Here’s to staying healthy 🙂

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